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Among the hundreds of LA, lawyers are numerous DUI attorneys. They specialize in defending or prosecuting cases in which a person has been accused of driving a car or operating another vehicle under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, including prescription or over-the-counter medication. Individuals accused of this crime are tried based on the outcome of their choice and also based on previous visits to the law courts of Los Angeles, other parts of California, and throughout the state.

Two Types of DUI

You can be charged with a DUI misdemeanor, in which case the consequences were minimal, and your reputation was previously good. This


is a first offense in which the only casualty was one of your own headlights or a neighbor’s hedge. Usually, you make better choices, but a medication’s side effects caught you by surprise perhaps. A lawyer will push for paying a small fine, perhaps driving classes, but not jail time.

A felony DUI is one in which more extensive damage has been done. A person has been injured or killed, or property was destroyed. The problem is serious. If results were not tragic this time, they would be soon. The defendant, in this case, needs to pay a heavier penalty than in previous instances. This individual will need to attend detox and substance abuse rehab counseling. He might be sent for extra driving lessons. His license will be revoked. These are minor consequences. A very big fine or jail time are common wherever a person has been harmed or considerable damage caused by operating a vehicle or vessel while impaired.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles

DUI lawyers have set up shop all over the city, but can you find one close to home in your region of the metropolis or near where you work? This will make it easier to get to appointments and to do so on time. Those who are scraping together money for a defense will appreciate any way to save money, including costs related to driving, parking, and taking the bus as well as fees for child care if one must leave a tot with his or her babysitter. You feel passionate about ensuring a lost or injured loved one is represented fairly, and the driver of a vehicle is brought to justice, but the family also has to eat. As a person charged, you know that police behaved unfairly. Something was wrong with their equipment. They did not read your rights, or there was discrimination involved based on things they said about your sex or race. Although you are innocent, the system looks like it could hang you out to dry without a skilled attorney on your side to even the balance.

You also want to hire a lawyer with considerable experience in this field like Hurwitz Law Group, Inc for example. The law is an extensive and interesting profession, one in which people practice defense or prosecution; family or corporate law; deal specifically with events causing bodily harm, taxes, or private injury. There are state lawyers and private professionals. For Californians who can afford it, a private lawyer with years of experience taking your side in similar cases is the ideal candidate. They should look all over the city for an excellent candidate even if he operates on the opposite side of town. If you can’t afford private counsel, the state will pay this fee, but you don’t get to choose an attorney with a DUI specialty.

Check Records

A lawyer is still a professional offering services and, as such, must allow himself to be subjected to scrutiny. He will advertise references from other customers and statistics about his previous cases plus areas of practice. This person lays out fees from the start and is very clear about what each bill is for: hourly investigation, filing charges, filing a defense, meeting with the opposition, etc. A consultation is typically free.

Finding a Lawyer

It’s as easy as looking in the phone book or on the internet. Select a region of the city if you like, and this will take you to the dozens of professionals practicing DUI law in or near your home or work. Check out reviews on these sites but read them with care, trying to discern legitimate from false reviews posted to boost or harm a lawyer’s reputation falsely. Talk to former clients and get a feel for the individual’s integrity and his compassion. Lawyers are usually caring people who feel compassion for clients, especially those who have suffered through no fault of their own.