Enjoy The Quote

Words are powerful. They uplift a failing spirit and break down social barriers. Words defend and defeat positions in society and in politics. They inspire and can also cause hurt. The most popular quotes have always been the most inspiring and positive ones. Many are anonymous words of wisdom or adaptations of classic sayings. These turn up in recipe books, hardcover collections, novels, and now on social media, websites, and apps. Where will you find your inspiration?

Hardcover Books

Collections of the sayings by the most important people in history are now bound in hardcover and given as gifts. They are not for reading in large sections at one time but for pulling out and finding the right word for a precise moment. Books like these sell well at Christmas and as retirement gifts. They tend to be great guest-pleasers for party moments, especially if one can actually memorize them.

Novel Quotes

Great literature is often the source of quotes found in modern writings including paperback mystery novels, but also crime writing and other fiction of high quality. One might find the words of a famous fictional sleuth presented before the start of a chapter because they introduce the theme of a chapter to come. Maybe the sleuth is an inspiration for another imagined character. Perhaps another figure’s wisdom or folly is more suited to a moment to follow.

Recipe Books

Sometimes, a quote fills blank space or fills out the atmosphere one is trying to create. Consider the Victorian cookbook, full of quotes from famous figures of that time. Their very words recall a long-gone period and help to create the fantasy that, by cooking and baking these items, one can go back to an earlier day when Britain’s Empire controlled much of the world, and social graces or manners were more carefully observed.

Quote of the Day

At the close of the year, consumers scramble to get their calendars on the phone or for hanging on the wall or placing on their desk. There is usually a gimmick behind each of these time-keeping items; a series of photographs featuring classic cars, horses, Impressionist art, or quotes by someone famous. Use a desk calendar with daily tear-off sheets for Monday-to-Sunday quotes. Choose a monthly calendar, each page thematically linked by photos of and words spoken by someone famous or from Psalms and Proverbs which are among the most quoted books in the Bible.

Internet Quotes

If you want to hear something witty or motivational, often the internet is the place to look. There are social media feeds, apps, and quote websites devoted to presenting a quote each day in order to make people feel good. They are generally positive but sometimes the words on these pages represent harsh truth instead. Generally, these sites require a subscription, possibly for money, maybe for free.

How to Find Quotes

What if you want to read a quote each day that matches a need you wake up with? That morning, you need to feel motivated. Another day, you are going to need a good laugh. When the kids are small, mothers long to hear something intelligent. At special times of the year, sentimental individuals enjoy a seasonally appropriate saying.

User-friendly Sites Bearing Quotes

If you are a member of one of these web pages, you can locate sayings from throughout history and also the modern period using helpful filters. They divide content in numerous ways.

Filters separate content by author. Some people said a lot of intelligent, motivational, or noteworthy things and there are numerous items under their name. Other names reveal sparse numbers of sayings. Choose a letter of the alphabet if you can’t quite remember the person’s name but have an idea of what it starts with.

You can look up quotations according to their theme. Items classified “seasonal,” “motivational,” and “humorous” are classified separately from each other. Each quote might also be sub-headed with tags which help you to find similar listings when you do not want to use a quote too many people have turned to already.

A quote might be accompanied by an image, and this can provide a filter as well. Select natural filters, animals, or pictures of babies as backdrops of common sayings. If a person was famous and photographed often, his or her image might be available. Examples are Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, and Mother Theresa.