Cream Of The Crop

Los Angeles is a large, sprawling city where crime rates vary from one area to the next. Several websites outline crime statistics from the city and also for parts of LA such as Downtown Los Angeles. They show where the most crime happens, what sorts of crimes, and your chances of becoming the victim of crime. The downtown area can feel like a very unsafe place to be once you read what researchers and statisticians have to say. Moreover, crimes happen, and bad guys get away with them, leaving others to take the blame. While referring to these people as “innocent” is not always realistic, they should not be taking the punishment for crimes they did not commit or for someone else’s part in a crime when theirs was a lesser offense.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Fights Injustice

Those at the sharp end of crime such as victims of theft and violence are happy to see someone go to prison for their crimes because this makes them feel safer. Lawyers and the criminal justice system, know, however, that putting away the right person is just as important and making the public feel safe. An estimate suggests that thousands of people are unjustly found guilty of a crime in a court of law. Appeals might sort this out eventually, but in the meantime, someone goes free who should be banned from driving, behind bars for wife beating, or sentenced to paying substantial fines for some other infringement. The only way that the system works is if everyone receives a fair trial as per their constitutional rights.

A criminal defense attorney is often seen as the bad guy who helps criminals get away with rape, theft, drug dealing, and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This can happen; defense attorneys do find loopholes that enable criminals to walk the streets, preparing for the next bit of evil that will entertain them. On the other hand, the US criminal justice system wouldn’t work properly without defense lawyers there to ensure law enforcement officers aren’t neglecting their jobs or using their authority to bully people they don’t like or whom they falsely suspect of committing felonies and misdemeanors. A criminal defense attorney is part of what keeps the system honest.

Choose an Attorney in Downtown Los Angeles

With hundreds of defense lawyers in Los Angeles, it’s no problem to pinpoint the ones working close to one’s home. If a residence is located in the downtown area, that is the place to find representation. This will save one time and money and overcomes any restrictions based on lack of transportation. Those who are financially limited will usually find attorneys in this area who will do the work for a much lower price than wealthier ones whose fees are simply too high. No defense lawyer, however, will take a case if it looks flimsy. Your defense has to sound plausible and stand up to deeper investigation.

One in the position to choose a lawyer will want to hire the experienced attorney, like . His career as a lawyer will include many years working on the other side — in prosecution. This enables a professional to anticipate arguments and strategies by the opposing side.

There are many types of crime, some merely misdemeanors, others serious enough to be considered felonies. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience defending your sort of case, whether that’s a felony DUI, prostitution, house-breaking, or manslaughter. When checking this person’s success record, compare “wins” or “reduced sentences” against your particular situation.

What Does a “Win” Look Like?

With some crimes, the evidence is overwhelming: you did this thing, but to what price should you pay? Are there extenuating circumstances which should influence the outcome of a case? Is this your first crime? What motivated that crime? Perhaps a light sentence would be the “win” a defendant is looking for, such as paying a fine or taking a class in defensive driving.

Were you treated badly by police after doing nothing to deserve their wrath? Is there a hint of discrimination in the case based on your faith, color, or sex? A defense lawyer will exploit these points as evidence comes to light and use them to have the case thrown out. Good lawyers are often successful because any hint of injustice is not tolerated by the public or by the bodies which regulate United States law.