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  • Slap On The Wrist

    The first thought that enters everyone’s mind upon being arrested is “OMG, I’m going to jail, I need a lawyer!” Rubbing shoulders with hardened, seasoned criminals. Having to do with defective, ill-prepared food. It’s all pretty scary. And as you come to terms with the reality of your incarceration, it dawns on you that you’re […]

  • Cream Of The Crop

    Los Angeles is a large, sprawling city where crime rates vary from one area to the next. Several websites outline crime statistics from the city and also for parts of LA such as Downtown Los Angeles. They show where the most crime happens, what sorts of crimes, and your chances of becoming the victim of […]

  • The Best

    Among the hundreds of LA, lawyers are numerous DUI attorneys. They specialize in defending or prosecuting cases in which a person has been accused of driving a car or operating another vehicle under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, including prescription or over-the-counter medication. Individuals accused of this crime are tried based on the […]

  • Enjoy The Quote

    Words are powerful. They uplift a failing spirit and break down social barriers. Words defend and defeat positions in society and in politics. They inspire and can also cause hurt. The most popular quotes have always been the most inspiring and positive ones. Many are anonymous words of wisdom or adaptations of classic sayings. These […]