PhD Supervision

Current PhD students

  • Matilda Rhode (Deep Learning Methods for the Analysis of Cyber Behaviour and Detection of Cyber Risk) – EPSRC iCase Studentship with Airbus Group
  • Adi (Baskoro) Pratomo (Intrusion Detection using Fine-grained Packet Analysis)
  • Wafa Aloraini (Towards an ‘Othering’ Algorithm to Detect Cyber Hate Speech)

Previous PhD students

  • Amir Javed (Understanding Malware Behaviour in Online Social Networks & Predicting Cyber Attacks)
  • Matthew Nunes (Self-Healing Approaches to Network Intrusion Detection) – EPSRC Scholarship
  • Dr. Taimur Al Said (Security of Virtual Machines in the Cloud)
  • Dr. Nasser Alsaedi (Mining Disruptive Events from Social Media)

I am always keen to consider supervising novel and interesting proposals for PhD research. If you would like to submit an application you will need to follow the procedure outlined on the University postgraduate research pages. The process requires applicants to identify a potential supervisor as part of their application. Feel free to contact me to discuss supervision, but before you do please consider the following points:

I have a small number of example research projects published online (see here and here), but I prefer potential students to have developed their own research proposal. It is helpful if you identify in advance:

  • The scope of your project (i.e. what are the research questions and problems?)
  • The current state of the art (i.e. summarise the existing literature that has been published on your chosen research topic)
  • Current limitations (i.e. identify the “gaps” in existing literature in relation to the scope of your project)
  • Proposed methods (i.e. what computational or modelling methods will you use to tackle the current limitations and develop new knowledge?)
  • Anticipated contribution to Computer Science (i.e. what will we know after your PhD that we do not know now?)

Clearly there is some fluidity to a PhD research project and ideas will develop over time, but it is useful to begin from a baseline set of ideas as described above.

Ensure the research proposal is directly related to my own research interests:

  • Cyber Conflict (e.g. emotions, sentiment, antagonism expressed online; spread of malicious information and antagonistic content);
  • Cyber Crime (forecasting terrestrial and cyber crime rates; analysing/classifying types of online crime);
  • Cyber Security (malware analysis; intrusion detection; risk information sharing; risk modelling)

Please take the time to read my work and read the work I have cited, and develop the scope of your project around similar topics. I do not expect you to remain absolutely within the same research area but it could be possible to use existing datasets, code and models as part of your study if your research is well aligned. Furthermore, I will be able to provide more support as a supervisor as I know the field and literature that will help you develop your research, and publication venues that will be related to your work.