To date I have been involved in more than 33 research grants, amounting to over £19 million (FEC), with over £10m of this coming to Cardiff University. Funding has been secured from a variety of sources including UKRI (EPSRC/ESRC/InnovateUK), JISC, US Department of Justice, UK DoH, and industry partners (e.g. Airbus, Admiral). I was/am currently Principal Investigator on 16 of these grants (including a £1.8m EPSRC grant on secure ‘Factories of the Future’).

Selected grants include:

Cyber Range and Immersive Cyber Attack Environment (research infrastructure)
• Funded by HEFCW
• £1,272,000 (Burnap)

Demystifying AI for Cybersecurity
• Funded by InnovateUK (/w Airbus)
• £394,784 (Burnap)

• Funded by EPSRC
• £290,291 to CU (Burnap, Perera et al.)

Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR)
• Funded by EPSRC
• £64,989 (Burnap)

PACE: Privacy-aware cloud ecosystems
• Funded by EPSRC
• £757,817 (Rana, Theodorakopoulos, Burnap)

Data innovation accelerator
• Funded by ERDF
• £3,553,220 (funded at 52%) (Burnap & Whitaker)

How Online Technologies are Transforming Transnational Organised Crime (Cyber-TNOC)
• Funded by ESRC
• £352,862 (Levi, Giommoni, Williams, Burnap)

Hate crime after Brexit: Linking terrestrial and new forms of data to inform governance
• Funded by ESRC
• £253,041 (Williams, Burnap, Sloan)

New Industrial Systems: Chatty Factories
• Funded by EPSRC
• £1,805,111 (Burnap, Murray-Rust, Richards, Preston, Branson)

Identifying Attack Vectors for Network Intrusion via IoT devices Developing a Goal-Oriented Approach to Determining Impact Across Threat Surfaces (IoT Depends)
• Funded by EPSRC PETRAS Hub
• £136,205 (Burnap)

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL) 2
• Funded by Foundation Wales – Welsh Government and Airbus Innovations.
• £760,000 (Burnap, Cherdantseva and Theodorakopolous)

Centre for Cyberhate Research & Policy: Real-Time Scalable Methods & Infrastructure for Modelling the Spread of Cyberhate on Social Media
• Funded by ESRC
• £256,155 (Williams & Burnap)

Social Data Science Lab – Methods and Infrastructure Development for Open Data Analytics in Social Research
• Funded by ESRC
• £450,000 (Burnap, Williams, Sloan & Rana)

Understanding Online Hate Speech as a Motivator for Hate Crime
• Funded by National Institute for Justice, US Department of Justice
• £683,152 (Williams & Burnap in partnership with Rand US & Europe)

Event Detection using Open Source Communications
• Funded by Endeavor Wales
• £973,760 (Burnap & Williams in partnership with Airbus Endeavor Wales)

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL)
• Funded by Foundation Wales – Welsh Government and Airbus Innovations
• £1,250,000 (Jones, Burnap, Blyth & Stoddart)

Identifying and Modelling Victim, Business, Regulatory and Malware Behaviours in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape
• Funded by EPSRC under the Global Uncertainties Consortia for Exploratory Research in Security (CEReS) call
• £1,200,000 (Rana, Burnap, Williams, Levi, Matthews, Clarke, Furnell, Ganis, Rajarajan & Wall)

Improving Driver Risk Modeling with Big Data Analytics
• Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Admiral Insurance
• £378,648 (Burnap)

Investigating the link between social media activity and reporting crime
• Funded by Metropolitan Police Service Centre for Scientific and Engineering Excellence
• £49,950 (Burnap & Williams)

Estimating the Propagation of Anti-Semitic Content on Twitter
• Funded by Community Security Trust and the Lewis Trust Group
• £35,000 (Williams & Burnap)

Impact Acceleration Award – Embedding Open Source Intelligence Analytics within the Metropolitan Police Service
• Funded by ESRC
• £25,000 (Burnap, Williams, Rana & Sloan)

Evaluating the Utility of Social Media Analytics for International Development
• Funded by Department for International Development
• £7,500 (Williams & Burnap)

Impact Acceleration Award – Assessing the Market Interest in Big Social Data Analytics
• Funded by EPSRC
• £7,500 (Burnap, Williams, Rana & Sloan)

Digital Wildfire: (Mis)information flows, propagation and responsible governance
• Funded by ESRC (Global Uncertainties)
• £196,333 (Jirotka, Burnap, Williams, Rana, Procter, Housley, Edwards & Stahl)

Detecting Tension and Cohesion in Local Communities with Social Media
• Funded by Airbus Group
• £51,040 (Rana, Burnap, Sloan & Williams)

Social Media and Prediction: Crime Sensing, Data Integration & Statistical Modelling
• Funded by ESRC under the NCRM Methods Innovation Call
• £194,138 (Williams, Burnap, Sloan, Rana, Housley, Edwards, Procter & Voss)

Hate Speech and Social Media: Understanding Users, Networks and Information Flows
• Funded by ESRC and Google
• £124, 986 (Housley, Williams, Burnap, Edwards, Rana, Procter, Voss & Knight)

Digital Social Research Tools, Tension Indicators and Safer Communities: A Demonstration of COSMOS
• Funded by ESRC
• £97,506 (Williams, Rana, Avis, Housley, Edwards & Burnap)

The 2016 Welsh Election Study: A Study of the 2016 Election to the National Assembly for Wales
• Funded by ESRC
• £257,148 (Scully, Jones, Cutts, Sloan, Burnap & Williams)

Digital Social Research Tools, Tension Indicators and Safer Communities: A Demonstration of COSMOS
• Funded by ESRC
• £97,506 (Williams, Rana, Avis, Housley, Edwards & Burnap)

Public perceptions of the UK food system: public understanding and engagement, and the impact of crises and scares
• Funded by ESRC and the Food Standards Agency
• £291,200 (Roberts, Dowler, Draper, Sloan, Williams & Burnap)

Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Aftermath of Youth Suicides
• Funded Department of Health
• £200,000 (Scourfield, Burnap, Williams, Housley & Edwards)

Scaling the Computational Analysis of “Big Social Data” & Massive Temporal Social Media Datasets
• Funded by High Performance Computing Wales
• £45,000 (Burnap, Rana, Sloan & Williams)

Small items of research equipment at Cardiff University
• Funded by EPSRC
• £620,000 (Burnap)

Supporting Empirical Digital Social Research for the Social Sciences with a Virtual Research Environment
• Funded by JISC
• £55,519 (Burnap, Williams, Housley, Rana, Edwards & Avis)

Requirements Analysis for Social Media Analysis Research Tools
• Funded by ESRC
• £5,000 (Burnap, Rana, Avis, Williams, Housley & Edwards)

Sensing Data from the Web to Inform Probabilistic Risk Models. Funded by Welsh European Funding Office (Part of the Smart Operation for a Low Carbon Energy Region (SOLCER) project). £50,000

miConsent: Patient Controlled Access to Distributed Medical Records.
Funded by Technology Strategy Board with Abies Ltd and IMS Maxims. £54,000