Slap On The Wrist

The first thought that enters everyone’s mind upon being arrested is “OMG, I’m going to jail, I need a lawyer!” Rubbing shoulders with hardened, seasoned criminals. Having to do with defective, ill-prepared food. It’s all pretty scary. And as you come to terms with the reality of your incarceration, it dawns on you that you’re not as ‘macho’ as you thought, and this time, you could be facing jail-time. However, the classification of crimes into two distinct categories -felony & misdemeanor cases- must come as a source of relief, albeit temporarily.

The Need For A Reasoned Criminal Justice System

From the earliest days of civilization, criminal sanctions for conduct deemed unlawful by society have been meted out for thousands of years, but not without good reason. A fundamental principle of criminal law is that every punishment must be proportional to the harm inflicted on the victim, having due regard to its impact on the community. When a distinction is drawn between misdemeanors and felonies, the law is trying to strike the same balance as the customs of the past. As such, misdemeanors are slight, less serious offenses than felonies, which warrant more severe punishment owing to their seriousness. So, for example, you can’t be sent to jail for a period longer than 6 months on a misdemeanor, however, you can on a felony, which carries a maximum prison term of up to 10 years.

Misdemeanors: Missing Death By A Whisker

You could call it that, ‘Missing death by a whisker!’ because hate it or love it, that’s exactly what it is. Typical misdemeanors include:

* Common assault
* Unruly behavior
* Intoxication
* Reckless driving
* Vandalism
* Prostitution
* Discharging a firearm in a public place where no one is injured.
* Petty theft
* Trespass
* Possession of marijuana

The list is endless when you throw in other ‘slap on the wrist’ petty offenses like jaywalking and public nuisance. So, once you have been charged and due to appear for your trial, there are a number of things you should know. First, a misdemeanor will in all probability lead to probation, a short jail term -as opposed to regular prison- community service and the withdrawal of certain privileges. In the latter case, a presiding officer has significant discretion and may order the suspension of a drivers license or impose a fine not exceeding $1.000. Despite the law being clear on the dividing line between felonies and misdemeanors, there’s one thing a lot of people take for granted, and that’s repeat offenses. Committing a repeat misdemeanor counts as a serious offense and normally results in the imposition of a felony penalty.

Felons: The Real Criminals

Perpetrators of felony crimes are deemed, serious offenders. A felony is an offense punishable by imprisonment in excess of a year. In jurisdictions where the death penalty is applicable, capital punishment is the most severe punishment. Notable felonies include:

* Murder (attempt, conspiracy)
* Aggravated assault
* Tax evasion
* Arson
* Culpable homicide
* Rape
* Sexual assault
* Kidnapping
* Extortion
* Fraud
* Bribery

It is clear from the aforementioned that felonies can occur without the use of violence, as is the case with fraud and tax evasion. Here, the suitability of punishment is determined according to the impact it has on the community. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that Delaware lawyers with sound experience in criminal litigation will be there to assist you.

Securing the Attendance Of the Accused At The Trial: Bail and Arrest

Common sense dictates that a person detained on charges of committing a misdemeanor will not require bail as a warning to appear will suffice. In the same breath, the seriousness of a felony such as murder will require release on bail or a warrant of arrest in order to secure the attendance of the accused at the impending trial. With a misdemeanor, a written summons to appear will be sufficient without the drastic necessity of arrest.

Lawyers Are Liars! Are They Now?

The law is a tricky thing. What appears straightforward to you may be complicated in practice. Which is why having a criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between you performing community service or spending the rest of your life behind bars. And if money is a problem, pro bono attorneys will be provided at state expense to people who cannot afford legal representation.

Cream Of The Crop

Los Angeles is a large, sprawling city where crime rates vary from one area to the next. Several websites outline crime statistics from the city and also for parts of LA such as Downtown Los Angeles. They show where the most crime happens, what sorts of crimes, and your chances of becoming the victim of crime. The downtown area can feel like a very unsafe place to be once you read what researchers and statisticians have to say. Moreover, crimes happen, and bad guys get away with them, leaving others to take the blame. While referring to these people as “innocent” is not always realistic, they should not be taking the punishment for crimes they did not commit or for someone else’s part in a crime when theirs was a lesser offense.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Fights Injustice

Those at the sharp end of crime such as victims of theft and violence are happy to see someone go to prison for their crimes because this makes them feel safer. Lawyers and the criminal justice system, know, however, that putting away the right person is just as important and making the public feel safe. An estimate suggests that thousands of people are unjustly found guilty of a crime in a court of law. Appeals might sort this out eventually, but in the meantime, someone goes free who should be banned from driving, behind bars for wife beating, or sentenced to paying substantial fines for some other infringement. The only way that the system works is if everyone receives a fair trial as per their constitutional rights.

A criminal defense attorney is often seen as the bad guy who helps criminals get away with rape, theft, drug dealing, and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This can happen; defense attorneys do find loopholes that enable criminals to walk the streets, preparing for the next bit of evil that will entertain them. On the other hand, the US criminal justice system wouldn’t work properly without defense lawyers there to ensure law enforcement officers aren’t neglecting their jobs or using their authority to bully people they don’t like or whom they falsely suspect of committing felonies and misdemeanors. A criminal defense attorney is part of what keeps the system honest.

Choose an Attorney in Downtown Los Angeles

With hundreds of defense lawyers in Los Angeles, it’s no problem to pinpoint the ones working close to one’s home. If a residence is located in the downtown area, that is the place to find representation. This will save one time and money and overcomes any restrictions based on lack of transportation. Those who are financially limited will usually find attorneys in this area who will do the work for a much lower price than wealthier ones whose fees are simply too high. No defense lawyer, however, will take a case if it looks flimsy. Your defense has to sound plausible and stand up to deeper investigation.

One in the position to choose a lawyer will want to hire the experienced attorney, like . His career as a lawyer will include many years working on the other side — in prosecution. This enables a professional to anticipate arguments and strategies by the opposing side.

There are many types of crime, some merely misdemeanors, others serious enough to be considered felonies. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience defending your sort of case, whether that’s a felony DUI, prostitution, house-breaking, or manslaughter. When checking this person’s success record, compare “wins” or “reduced sentences” against your particular situation.

What Does a “Win” Look Like?

With some crimes, the evidence is overwhelming: you did this thing, but to what price should you pay? Are there extenuating circumstances which should influence the outcome of a case? Is this your first crime? What motivated that crime? Perhaps a light sentence would be the “win” a defendant is looking for, such as paying a fine or taking a class in defensive driving.

Were you treated badly by police after doing nothing to deserve their wrath? Is there a hint of discrimination in the case based on your faith, color, or sex? A defense lawyer will exploit these points as evidence comes to light and use them to have the case thrown out. Good lawyers are often successful because any hint of injustice is not tolerated by the public or by the bodies which regulate United States law.

The Best

Among the hundreds of LA, lawyers are numerous DUI attorneys. They specialize in defending or prosecuting cases in which a person has been accused of driving a car or operating another vehicle under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, including prescription or over-the-counter medication. Individuals accused of this crime are tried based on the outcome of their choice and also based on previous visits to the law courts of Los Angeles, other parts of California, and throughout the state.

Two Types of DUI

You can be charged with a DUI misdemeanor, in which case the consequences were minimal, and your reputation was previously good. This


is a first offense in which the only casualty was one of your own headlights or a neighbor’s hedge. Usually, you make better choices, but a medication’s side effects caught you by surprise perhaps. A lawyer will push for paying a small fine, perhaps driving classes, but not jail time.

A felony DUI is one in which more extensive damage has been done. A person has been injured or killed, or property was destroyed. The problem is serious. If results were not tragic this time, they would be soon. The defendant, in this case, needs to pay a heavier penalty than in previous instances. This individual will need to attend detox and substance abuse rehab counseling. He might be sent for extra driving lessons. His license will be revoked. These are minor consequences. A very big fine or jail time are common wherever a person has been harmed or considerable damage caused by operating a vehicle or vessel while impaired.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles

DUI lawyers have set up shop all over the city, but can you find one close to home in your region of the metropolis or near where you work? This will make it easier to get to appointments and to do so on time. Those who are scraping together money for a defense will appreciate any way to save money, including costs related to driving, parking, and taking the bus as well as fees for child care if one must leave a tot with his or her babysitter. You feel passionate about ensuring a lost or injured loved one is represented fairly, and the driver of a vehicle is brought to justice, but the family also has to eat. As a person charged, you know that police behaved unfairly. Something was wrong with their equipment. They did not read your rights, or there was discrimination involved based on things they said about your sex or race. Although you are innocent, the system looks like it could hang you out to dry without a skilled attorney on your side to even the balance.

You also want to hire a lawyer with considerable experience in this field like Hurwitz Law Group, Inc for example. The law is an extensive and interesting profession, one in which people practice defense or prosecution; family or corporate law; deal specifically with events causing bodily harm, taxes, or private injury. There are state lawyers and private professionals. For Californians who can afford it, a private lawyer with years of experience taking your side in similar cases is the ideal candidate. They should look all over the city for an excellent candidate even if he operates on the opposite side of town. If you can’t afford private counsel, the state will pay this fee, but you don’t get to choose an attorney with a DUI specialty.

Check Records

A lawyer is still a professional offering services and, as such, must allow himself to be subjected to scrutiny. He will advertise references from other customers and statistics about his previous cases plus areas of practice. This person lays out fees from the start and is very clear about what each bill is for: hourly investigation, filing charges, filing a defense, meeting with the opposition, etc. A consultation is typically free.

Finding a Lawyer

It’s as easy as looking in the phone book or on the internet. Select a region of the city if you like, and this will take you to the dozens of professionals practicing DUI law in or near your home or work. Check out reviews on these sites but read them with care, trying to discern legitimate from false reviews posted to boost or harm a lawyer’s reputation falsely. Talk to former clients and get a feel for the individual’s integrity and his compassion. Lawyers are usually caring people who feel compassion for clients, especially those who have suffered through no fault of their own.

Enjoy The Quote

Words are powerful. They uplift a failing spirit and break down social barriers. Words defend and defeat positions in society and in politics. They inspire and can also cause hurt. The most popular quotes have always been the most inspiring and positive ones. Many are anonymous words of wisdom or adaptations of classic sayings. These turn up in recipe books, hardcover collections, novels, and now on social media, websites, and apps. Where will you find your inspiration?

Hardcover Books

Collections of the sayings by the most important people in history are now bound in hardcover and given as gifts. They are not for reading in large sections at one time but for pulling out and finding the right word for a precise moment. Books like these sell well at Christmas and as retirement gifts. They tend to be great guest-pleasers for party moments, especially if one can actually memorize them.

Novel Quotes

Great literature is often the source of quotes found in modern writings including paperback mystery novels, but also crime writing and other fiction of high quality. One might find the words of a famous fictional sleuth presented before the start of a chapter because they introduce the theme of a chapter to come. Maybe the sleuth is an inspiration for another imagined character. Perhaps another figure’s wisdom or folly is more suited to a moment to follow.

Recipe Books

Sometimes, a quote fills blank space or fills out the atmosphere one is trying to create. Consider the Victorian cookbook, full of quotes from famous figures of that time. Their very words recall a long-gone period and help to create the fantasy that, by cooking and baking these items, one can go back to an earlier day when Britain’s Empire controlled much of the world, and social graces or manners were more carefully observed.

Quote of the Day

At the close of the year, consumers scramble to get their calendars on the phone or for hanging on the wall or placing on their desk. There is usually a gimmick behind each of these time-keeping items; a series of photographs featuring classic cars, horses, Impressionist art, or quotes by someone famous. Use a desk calendar with daily tear-off sheets for Monday-to-Sunday quotes. Choose a monthly calendar, each page thematically linked by photos of and words spoken by someone famous or from Psalms and Proverbs which are among the most quoted books in the Bible.

Internet Quotes

If you want to hear something witty or motivational, often the internet is the place to look. There are social media feeds, apps, and quote websites devoted to presenting a quote each day in order to make people feel good. They are generally positive but sometimes the words on these pages represent harsh truth instead. Generally, these sites require a subscription, possibly for money, maybe for free.

How to Find Quotes

What if you want to read a quote each day that matches a need you wake up with? That morning, you need to feel motivated. Another day, you are going to need a good laugh. When the kids are small, mothers long to hear something intelligent. At special times of the year, sentimental individuals enjoy a seasonally appropriate saying.

User-friendly Sites Bearing Quotes

If you are a member of one of these web pages, you can locate sayings from throughout history and also the modern period using helpful filters. They divide content in numerous ways.

Filters separate content by author. Some people said a lot of intelligent, motivational, or noteworthy things and there are numerous items under their name. Other names reveal sparse numbers of sayings. Choose a letter of the alphabet if you can’t quite remember the person’s name but have an idea of what it starts with.

You can look up quotations according to their theme. Items classified “seasonal,” “motivational,” and “humorous” are classified separately from each other. Each quote might also be sub-headed with tags which help you to find similar listings when you do not want to use a quote too many people have turned to already.

A quote might be accompanied by an image, and this can provide a filter as well. Select natural filters, animals, or pictures of babies as backdrops of common sayings. If a person was famous and photographed often, his or her image might be available. Examples are Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, and Mother Theresa.

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